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  • Restaurant Mamie Cocotte Gennevilliers (92) - Etude acoustique par Nicolas Vu-Hoang pour A&C
  • Chantiers de nuit
  • Auditorium de l'Ecole des Barreaux, Paris
  • Mesures sur le boulevard périphérique à Paris
  • Coucher de soleil sur les toits Parisiens lors de mesures acoustiques


The strength of a consulting firm is based in large part on the quality of its team: diversity of skills and experience, scientific knowledge, skill level, and their interests.
The quality of the hardware and software must be constantly controled in order to produce the best analysis for any situation.

Human resources

To understand audio, you must be able have a multi-faceted view of the city, its neighborhoods, its infrastructure, its policies, but also on art, culture, architecture, and the environment. It is therefore essential to bring together individuals from diverse backgrounds, with different experiences, and varied training, to be able not only work on different areas, but also to provide customers with solutions fed by a plurality of looks.

Material resources

  • Acoustical acquisition Equipment :
    • sound level meters : 7 sound level meters 2250 Brüel et Kjaer , 1 sound level meter 2236 Brüel et Kjaer, 3 sound level meters Solo Acoem, 1 sound level meter SIP 95 Acoem, 1 Noise Dose Meter 4445 Brüel et Kjaer
    • Vibrations : 2 accelerometers triaxes Brüel et Kjaer, 4 accelerometers monoaxes DJB Instrument, 4 accelerometers monoaxe Wilcoxon
    • Other suppliers : 1 pink noise source Aclan GDB 95, 1 sound source MA-707 Mipro, 1 sound source MA-708 Mipro, 1 tapping machine 3294 Brüel et Kjaer, 3 alarm pistols 9 mm, 1 Professional Weather Station, 1 audio monitoring chain.
  • Acoustic software :
    • Suite 01dB (dB Env, dB FA, dB Bati, dB Trig, dB Trait)
    • CATT Acoustic V08
    • LIMA (environnement)
    • Numerous technical internally developed softwares
  • Office Software :
    • Microsoft Office
    • Autocad, Bricscad
  • Hardware :
    • Computer network based on a server accessible from any agency and on cloud.