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Sound is one of the essential architectural dimensions that gives a space identity.
Acoustique & Conseil actively participate in the design of a building from the sketch stages to the reception by imagining building solutions, taking into account economic, functional and aesthetic issues. The programmer, assistant owner, the prime contractor, company assistant or the acoustics expert of Acoustique & Conseil may be specific or complete.
The tasks performed meet environmental requirements such as HQE, BREEAM, LEED, BBC H & E. With respect to this, Acoustique & Conseil have been actively involved in the development of different environmental standards for many years.

Vibration studies: the vibrations that generate audible noise or tactile discomfort in buildings can be measured or evaluated to determine which solutions are used to minimize noise.
Management of construction noises: Acoustique & Conseil assists its clients in the implementation of a management program including a construction noise action plan, acoustic measurements and installation of warning systems.

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Acoustique & Conseil is certified by OPQIBI since 1989