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A complete acoustic approach is proposed for all cultural venues: concert halls, opera houses, theaters, music venues, auditoriums, Smacs, clubs, cinemas, libraries, museums, places of temporary exhibitions, places of worship....

Room Acoustics

The success of a sound diffusion in a space depends strongly on the quality of its natural acoustics. The ambition of Acoustics & Conseil is to develop places in order to enhance the musical works, immersing the audience into a world of great listening. In keeping with the architectural and artistic project, Acoustics & Conseil strives to provide the space to use: control reverberations of speech intelligibility, clarity, sound power ... Many technical methods are used (3D modeling, auralisation ...), along with an artistic sensibility and know-how from years of experience in the field.

Music venues and impact studies

Places playing music are facing multiple constraints: respect of noise in the neighborhood, hearing protection for users and the quality of the sound system. Acoustics & Conseil offer a comprehensive approach to ensure proper implementation of these places by using denser urban fabric materials.


Upstream architectural studies and programming stags allows us to lay the foundations of a project. On many cultural projects, Acoustics & Conseil work alongside the Programmiste to accompany the project owner, making sure that the audio is present in the early stages of decision-making.

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Acoustique & Conseil is certified by OPQIBI since 1989