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Noise should be managed at different urban scales - Street BIA, neighborhood, urban - taking into account the different types of sources: land infrastructure and air transport, Classified Installations for the Protection of the Environment (ICPE)...
Acoustique & Conseil intervene in order to identify and assess the diversity of sound situations using different situations, metrology, noise maps (CBS or more detailed maps), qualitative observations, surveys, polls or interviews.
Thanks to technology simulation software and mapping, we can reconstruct existing situations or predict future noise situations.

At neighborhood level

Noise management provides urban planning advice to participate in the choice of different "scenarios" of development, helping to preserve "quiet areas" by identifying programs or charters and even technical solutions.

At city scale: the EU directive on environmental noise

Acoustique & Conseil actively support settlements in the implementation of the European directive on environmental noise, by providing comprehensive methodological and technical support: Strategic Noise Maps (CBS) and Prevention Plans Noise in the Environment (PPBE).
A support tool helps manage inner city noise pollution in a politically correct manner.
For communities wishing to pursue a proactive improvement of the sound environment policy, PPBE can be enhanced by taking into account all the acoustic problems encountered (neighborhood noise, nuisance buildings and institutional facilities ...). For over twenty years Acoustique & Conseil have used this type of approach through municipal plans against noise.

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