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A&C : Acoustic Consulting

Sound is an essential part of our environment.
Since 1984, Acoustique & Conseil, a company engineering acoustics and vibrations, have designed the optimal sound environment for every moment of our lives.
The team consists of consultants, engineers and technicians spread across several agencies in France. The projects of Acoustique & Conseil concern: art and culture, service activities and housing, commerce and industry, education and health, aviation and land transport, urban planning and policies against noise. Our interventions are numerous in France and abroad: measurements and observations, technical advice, research project management, assistance in project management, programming, impact studies for music sites and classified facilities (ICPE), assessment and management of environmental noise.
Acoustique & Conseil is a member of the C.I.C.F. and Giac, the SFA qualified OPQIBI, ISO 9001 certified since 2009 an authorized company to practice law purely on an additional basis.

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